Liquidation Stores in Australia

7 Best Liquidation Stores in Australia with Some Amazing Stuff

The word liquidation has different meanings. In a business sense, this term means a process in which a company settles its debt using its assets. A liquidation company on the other hand has a different meaning altogether. It means a store that buys stocks and closeouts at a discounted price and sells it to customers. These stores buy from popular brands as well like Puma, Amazon, Cadbury, Philips and others. Liquidation stores are bound to make profits because of its nature. Every company has over stocks, unsold stocks and closeout stocks. Therefore, liquidation stores cannot run out of business at all. Many people are thinking of investing in a liquidation store in australia and starting one. These stores are so popular that people want to own one.

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There are some things that you should know. First is to think about the amount of money that you have in your pocket to invest. Second is about your reach and networking. Because without having a wholesaler you cannot get the stock to sell. The last thing that you have to consider is a marketplace. Because once you have stock you need a place to put it. There are many wholesale liquidation pallets Australia stores that are working great.

Best Liquidation Stores in Australia:

The Good Guys Osborne Park

The Good Guys - Liquidation Australia

The Good Guys Osborne Park was initially called the Ian Radio and electronic center. It started back in 1952. Being a family business this store focuses on a customer-centric and satisfaction approach. In 1998, it was named The Good Guys Osborne Park store. This store is definitely making a big change in the liquidation market. It won some big awards for being the most customer-centric store. This award has immense value and they have won it for 10 years consecutively. 

It has all the important liquidation supplies like electronics, furniture, pallets and it also pays attention to social work. You can find all the popular brands here like Amazon, ASTRO, Philips and others. They also offer student discounts for certain items and specific purchases. You must check it out. The warehouses of this liquidation store are present in many places in Australia. It is an authentic store with a main focus on customers.

Address: Hometown Osborne Park, Tenancy 4/381 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9202 8900


Clearance Warehouse

Clearance Warehouse

Clearance Warehouse has one of the best liquidation websites australia. The offline store is located in Sydney, NSW. Therefore, it gives you two options to purchase. One is through their online website and the other one is directly from their stores. It has been 15 long years of hard work and customer satisfaction. They offer 6 different categories of products namely- Around the home, Bed linen, accessories, health and beauty, in the office and Lawn. Therefore, you get goods related to all these categories here. 

For example, in the category “Around the home” you can get AC covers, purifying bags, gutter guards, bed assist rails and so on. All those products, which make your life easy, can be seen in this category. Similarly in the other categories you can find products like bedsheets, soap dishes, flowerpots, car covers and likewise. You can definitely check the website of Clearance Warehouse for products that will add utility to your home.

Address: 242 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW, 2010

Phone: +66 98 391 3877


G&L Wholesalers

G&L Wholesalers - Liquidation Australia

G&L Wholesalers started in 1993 and it has completed 25 years as of now. During the initial years they worked as distributors but now they also supply as a liquidation store. You can find multiple options like Abrasives, adhesive tapes, air tools, auto accessories, building hardware, camping, clearance lines, electrical home, home and leisure, locks, mats, measuring items, party supplies, pets, ropes, safety signs, stationary items and many more. It is one of the oldest liquidation australia businesses. Some of the attractive features are: competitive prices, quality goods and services, online presence. 

They don’t have any retail outlet, just their website for safety and supreme quality. Each of the categories above has some amazing stuff like in Home and leisure you can find buckets, bins, fans, bamboo skewers and many little things to make your home useful. Considering the amount of experience they have gained in the market, you can visit their website and buy stuff.

Address: 7/19 Chifley St, Smithfield NSW 2164, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9756 1121


Choice The Discount Store

Choice The Discount Store - Liquidation Australia

Choice The Discount Store is the last one but supplies the best liquidation pallets australia. It started with a single store in 1966 and since then it has opened more than 25 stores covering most of Australia. This store is focused on meeting the day to day needs of the customers. Therefore it stocks brands like Rexona, Domestos, Cadburys and Fab. You get special items on their website when some festival is near like Easter. 

They have seven categories in total which are Pets, Home and living, food & confectionery, crafts, health & beauty, home decor and the last one is a party. All prices are less than cost making it an affordable choice. Moreover, you can get all the little items needed on a daily basis like a paint bottle, Mentos, sheet protectors, bedsheets, yarn and so much more. You can check their online store for the product catalog.

Address: Shop NM02, 58 Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Phone: +61 7 5591 3142




Pallet Liquidation is a huge store of liquidation pallets in Australia. It is majorly famous for buying closeouts stock, retail returns, refurbished inventory and liquidated stock of the companies and sellers. Before these stores sellers never had proper channels or ways to pile up their extra stocks. Usually it all went to waste or was dumped. Now stores like Pallet Liquidation are giving their services by buying all the stock. This website usually hosts auctions. They pack their stock in lots and pallets and put an auction for it. Buyers with the highest bid purchase these lots from Pallet Liquidation. 

The main focus of this store is on manufacturers because the profit margins are high. This site started in 2010 and it has supplied to more than 2000 manufacturers till now. Right now they have 2 offices and more than 190 companies working with them. Their team has 21 members as of now.


Crazysales - Liquidation Australia

Crazysales is an online departmental store. It is one of the biggest in Australia. They have ongoing discounts every day. Customers can save about 40% to 60% on the cost. Some of the features of Crazy Sales include- A reward point-based system where you get points for each purchase. Next is if the customers are not satisfied and change their mind, they have a month-long window. Third is their speedy delivery all over Australia. Fourth, is the payment system is safe and secure. 

With all these interesting features, they have satisfied over a million customers till now. Just like Amazon, you get all the options on their website itself. You can track, cancel, apply for refunds and do all such things easily. All products with free shipping are listed separately. Similarly, the clearance sale items are given separately. This will avoid confusion in the minds of customers.



Grays Online is one of the oldest and biggest industrial e-commerce service providers. They started in 1922 as an auto and industrial supplier and in the 2000s, they began supplying to retail customers also. Currently, they supply industrial equipment, auto parts and related machinery to suppliers and retailers in need. Not only in Australia but they cover countries like New Zealand also. The offices are in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and many other locations. For customers they have cars, electronics, wine and jewelry. But for the companies and vendors they stock machinery, motor vehicles, IT stuff and likewise. 

For companies, they also have many sales programs to help them maximize their returns, improve their IT and industrial inventory. They also have a big distribution and networking which again helps the companies. Tie ups with banks, finance companies are also a great help. Overall Grays online is one the leaders in auto parts, motor vehicles, IT services in Australia at affordable prices.


Now that you know about many interesting liquidation stores, you can probably think and strategize about starting your own. It can be tough to make it profitable in the initial years but it is not impossible. Many of the stores above were doing great from the start. You just have to know what business you want and do it no matter what. Be focused when doing a market survey. Try to learn throughout the process. Always keep a strong eye on the competition to make your own market space. 

Most of these stores offer wholesale liquidation pallets and free deliveries to attract more customers. You can also think of all such features and offers. If you are not into business and just a normal consumer then these 7 stores above have everything for you. Right from chocolate to a motor vehicle, they have everything in stock for you. Some of them also provide services. Try visiting websites of each of these before making the rightful decision.

Matt Kopec

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