Best Liquidators Stores in Florida

10 Best Liquidators Stores in Florida for Incredible Discounts

Despite being a likable vacation spot for both visitors and residents, Florida is not immune to the consequences of a struggling economy. In contrast to other states in the nation, Florida has a large number of excellent liquidation stores from which you can purchase liquidation pallets, as well as a number of liquidators who can assist you in finding incredible discounts on name-brand clothing and accessories at prices you’d find it difficult to match elsewhere. Thus, the following list of the top 10 Florida stores where you can purchase liquidation pallets Florida will help you save a ton of money on your favorite brands while still receiving the top-notch service they are known for.

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Best Liquidation Stores in Florida:

Big Lots

Big Lots - liquidation pallets Florida

A network retailer with headquarters in the US is called Big Lots, Inc. The business operates 1,419 outlets throughout over 47 states. Foods, beverages, soft home, hard home, equipment, toys, and accessories are all part of its product categorization. Its food division includes sections for drinks, staple foods, snacks, and specialty foods.

The health, chemicals, aesthetic and cosmetics, and animal areas are all included in the consumables area. The frames, home décor, area rugs, division of home design and stylish bed linen are all included in the soft home section. The hard home category covers table tops, greeting cards, small appliances, food preparation, and home maintenance sectors.

Beds, case goods, ready-to-assemble items, and upholstered departments are all included in the furnishings category. Summertime, lawn and gardening, Xmas, and other seasonal sectors are part of the seasonal category. Therefore, almost everything here is available here with the finest prices and discounts.

Address: 14948 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, US

Phone: +1 813-265-3851


JC Group Liquidation, LLC

JC Group Liquidation, LLC - liquidation pallets Florida

Gadgets from most big manufacturers, both new as well as clearance, are offered at the cheapest rates at JC Group Liquidation. All appliances on clearance are completely new and thus are up to 70% less expensive than retail. They provide unpacked new products, goods with minor flaws, refurbished brands, as well as excess stock and discontinued goods.

Further, they have strong essence of commitment and community ship in their firm. You may discover anything you need from our extensive selection of items, whether you’re searching for just a refrigerator, a stove, a washer and dryer set, an air con, or even industrial equipment.

Address: 1100 W Colonial Dr #4, Orlando, FL 32805, US

Phone: +1 407-440-3357


Quicklotz liquidators

Quicklotz Liquidations - liquidation pallets Florida

A business called Quicklotz Liquidators has a headquarter in one of Florida’s most well-known regions for liquidation pallets in Florida. In order to assist consumers in obtaining the finest offers available, they are extremely enthusiastic about a variety of various products. Pallets are bought by Quicklotz Liquidators from a variety of producers and then sold to generate revenue.

They offer a wide range of affordable brand-name products, including PCs, tablets, TVs, DVD players, PlayStation games, and therefore more. With Quicklotz liquidators, even furnishings including couches, chairs, and tables may be found at fantastic discounts.

With Quicklotz liquidators, there is surely no shortage of things to pick from. One of the greatest liquidation businesses in Florida, they offer brand-name goods at discount prices and with little shipping expenses. They have been around operation for more than 30 years, which speaks volumes about the excellent service they offer their clients.

Address: 80 SW 8th St #2000, Miami, FL 33130, US

Phone: +1 305-998-0068


OTG liquidation centre

OTG liquidation centre - liquidation pallets Florida

One of Florida’s most well-known stores is the OTG Liquidation Center. This is the spot for you if you’re wanting to get high-quality goods at a discount. OTG, whose location is in Fort Lauderdale’s west end, provides incredible discounts on designer apparel and accessories from brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and others.

The pleasant, air-conditioning setting and the welcoming personnel who are always prepared to serve clients with a positive attitude are what make this specific business so well-liked. Designer clothing from brands such as Armani, Prada, Versace, Hugo Boss, Guess, and numerous more can be found at the OTG liquidation center.

Address: 4575 US-1, Vero Beach, FL 32967, US

Phone: +1 772-539-7075


Tampa Liquidation Center LLC

Tampa Liquidation Center LLC - liquidation pallets Florida

Among the top stores for pallet liquidation in Florida is the Tampa liquidation store, which offers discounts on rising furniture and equipment, apparel, and accessories that fall underneath the bargain category. They carry a wide range of goods, yet they charge less or more than retail for the same goods.

Both during peak hours and off-peak hours, customers can depend on their store to provide good offers and services. They offer good income and are willing to talk about any queries or worries you may have. Instead of making clients travel to a shop, the Tampa liquidation store provides the ease of coming in and buying low-cost products for storage or transportation.

Further, they provide incredibly good discounts on a variety of goods, including electronics, furniture, and more. To assist you in making your purchases more affordable, they purchase name brands at very low prices.

Address: 4911 S 50th St, Tampa, FL 33619, US

Phone: +1 813-671-9900


Jax wholesale and liquidation

Jax wholesale and liquidation

Another excellent location in Florida to purchase liquidation pallets is Jax Wholesale and Liquidation. Consumers can choose from a wide selection of name-brand apparel, electronics, and other products. For those seeking a price on something, their business is presently providing up to 70% off of all things, which is a fantastic value.

Additionally, they provide inexpensive shipping outside of a 10-mile radius and free delivery inside. Jax Wholesale and Liquidation will provide the cheapest price on whatever item you desire or need if you’re buying clothes, electronics, furnishings, or the greatest liquidation pallets in Florida.

Because they aim to give consumers the widest range of their preferred brands, this organization pays great attention to the many brands that are offered on pallets throughout Florida. You won’t be unhappy with the quality or customer service level that this store offers its clients.

Address: 2940 Mercury Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207, US

Phone: +1 904-432-5831


Florida Wholesale Liquidation

Florida Wholesale Liquidation

One of Florida’s largest liquidation stores is called Florida Wholesale Liquidations. It provides a ton of fantastic discounts on name-brand goods at unbelievable costs. Everything the business sells, including furniture, electronics, and appliances, is discounted.

This is a fantastic location to look if you want to get rid of certain old furniture or equipment in your house or business because they buy all kinds of items, such as liquidation pallets in Florida, transport vehicles, containers, and much more.

They have a wide choice of name-brand products from different producers, such as home appliances (GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, and more), furnishings (CB2, Crate & Barrel, Ashley, and more), lights, as well as lamps (GE, Westinghouse, etc.). So, if you’re searching for any kind of deal in Florida, Florida Liquidators is among the most reliable locations to go.

Address: 14980 NW US Hwy 441, Alachua, FL 32615, US

Phone: +1 352-514-2950


Tampa Liquidation Warehouse

Tampa Liquidation Warehouse

A full-service auction business with over 32 years of expertise in assessments, auctions, and liquidations is Tampa Liquidation Warehouse. They hold sales domestically and across Florida, focusing on items such as governmental, business, insolvency, restaurant equipment, etc. They offer a variety of services to help with the process of liquidating goods, whether it’s one product or an entire firm, and they give a quick and effective pick-up and shipping service.

Additionally, the Tampa Liquidation Center offers vehicle transfers and a computerized auction system. They also provide marketing services and exposure for advertisements. Their objective is to maximize the dollar return on their investments. Additionally, Tampa Liquidation Center has accessibility to a sizable network of local, regional, and national buyers and marketplaces.

Address: 4101 E 12th Ave Suite B, Tampa, FL 33605, US

Phone: +1 813-618-5660


Ocala Merchandise Liquidators

Ocala Merchandise Liquidators

In Ocala, Florida, Ocala Merchandise Liquidators provides a wide range of retail goods for sale at discounted costs. All of their products provide significant discounts, ranging from 40% to 90% off retail prices. To carry a wide range of non-perishable commodities, they have contracts with numerous big chain grocery stores.

Also, each assortment box they have contains a variety of goods, such as cereals, can goods, juices, cappuccinos, boxed dinners, granola bars, sweets, etc. They also offer a finite number of each item. They disappear once the product is gone. Visits to OML will always be unique because their inventory is always changing. So gather your cash and proceed to the venue.

Address: 201 SW 33rd Ave, Ocala, FL 34474, US

Phone: +1 352-671-9010


Liquidation Dealer

Liquidation Dealer

Liquidation Dealers is a discount retailer that sells products that have been acquired from the liquidation of big box businesses. They offer a large variety of products, however, their prices for the same products can be higher or lower than retail. Additionally, they provide a good wage and are open to answering any questions or concerns you may have.

They offer things that have not yet been packaged, items with minor faults, refurbished brands, extra inventory, and discontinued products. Moreover, they also strongly value community service and devotion inside their company. Also, they accept a variety of good products. Lastly, if you have any queries, you can connect with them on their website.

Address: 21115 Leonard Rd, Lutz, FL 33558, US

Phone: +1 813-760-8701



These are just a few places in Florida where you can find name-brand products at discount prices. For instance, if you’re considering disposing of all your old books or handbooks, visit a liquidation dealer first. They sell hundreds of books each year, sell those to both teachers as well as customers, and can offer you the best prices on auctioning your old-school books. Users can then use the money to purchase new school supplies, baby gear, or whatever else they require.

However, Florida Liquidators is another fantastic company that sells brand-new equipment and is a terrific way to dispose of all your old electronics, appliances, and furnishings. You can get in touch with these businesses and invest in appealing brand-name items that are being liquidated if you’re interested in finding out more about how to get anything for less. Liquidation since Florida’s economy and industry is booming, a wide selection of options is offered by all of these businesses and establishments.

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