Liquidation Stores in Iowa

10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Iowa (2023)

A liquidation store is essentially a retail business that specializes in selling goods that other merchants or manufacturers have decided to liquidate. Products that fall under this category could be overstock, closeouts, or discontinued goods. Since the purpose of liquidation is to quickly get rid of surplus inventory, they are usually sold at discounts. the firms or wholesale liquidation retailers that plan liquidation sales where a business or store clears off all of its remaining stock. In order to get rid of it before going out of business or closing a specific location, prices are typically drastically cut.

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In other words, they actually resale these goods to the general public for less money than they were originally purchase for. These shops might also sell products that were damaged or had minor flaws but were still functional. Electronics, apparel, and home goods are just a few of the industries from which the goods in a liquidation store may come. Liquidation stores are able to charge less than regular retailers since the goods are purchase at a cheaper cost.

A liquidation store’s inventory is also continually changing as new goods are bought and sold. Liquidation pallets are used to describe large quantities of products offer by a manufacturer or store in a single lot, frequently at a reduce price. If you are in or around Iowa then you can out-check these amazing liquidation stores.

Best Liquidation Stores in Iowa:

DaaBin Store

DaaBin Store - Liquidation Pallets in Iowa

The initials DABIN stand for Delaney, Amanda, Andy, and Beau Weichers, the founding members of the franchise. Waterloo, Iowa’s DaaBIN Store initially opened its doors in October 2021. Typically from major online merchants, DaaBINS are stocked with overstock and returned goods. They don’t carry any merchandise over from week to week. What doesn’t sell is taken out and is replaced with fresh merchandise.

Every Thursday and Friday, DaaBIN shuts down the shop and replenishes their supply. The store opens on Saturday at 9 a.m. with new inventory, and it will see between 300 and 800 customers throughout the day. There are branded phones, gaming consoles, tablets, cameras, tools, small appliances, clothes, toys, and more. Their liquidation pallets in iowa are really amazing.

Address: 1370 Twixt Town Rd, Marion, IA 52302, United States

Phone: +1 319-377-4189


LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators)

LL Flooring

You have two options when wanting to install new flooring in your home: you can either hire a professional to do the job or do it yourself. One of the best liquidation pallets in iowa offering top-notch liquidation pallets is this one. When Lumber Liquidators first opened its doors in 1993, it was known as LL Flooring. After many years in business and a minor rebranding, LL Flooring is currently among the largest hardwood flooring retailers in America.

Since LL Flooring typically works directly with manufacturers and suppliers, it can give its customers lower costs. The environment is a concern for their crew. According to the company, they exclusively make purchases from vendors who employ environmentally friendly practices. The primary services offered by the company are several types of hardwood flooring.

Address: 10131 Hickman Rd, Urbandale, IA 50322, United States

Phone: +1 515-212-5077


2nd Chance Liquidation

2nd Chance Liquidation - Liquidation Pallets in Iowa

As the name implies, the 2nd Chance Liquidation Bin Store must be given a chance if you are in or near Iowa. They are Iowa’s most spotless bin retailers. They buy big box store sellers’ liquidated inventory, then resell it to the general public at a steep discount. Regardless of the item’s value, every object in the bins is priced according to the day of the week. They are highly regarded for offering one of the top client services.

The majority of the items on their liquidation pallets are overstock, shelf pulls, returns, and box damage from well-known stores including Amz, Tgt, Lowes, HD, and others. They are the best liquidation retailers in Iowa thanks to their liquidation pallets, very low prices, and top-notch customer service.

Address: 2679 100th St, Urbandale, IA 50322, United States

Phone: +1 515-400-4095


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Iowa Liquidation Deals

Iowa Liquidation Deals

They deliver liquidated pallets of Target General Merchandise that have been processed. 90% or even more of the things on their pallets are brand-new overstocks. Almost all of the items are high-retail-value brand-new, unused, and unopened goods. Every category is represented in their collection. However, they frequently have a large selection of household goods, children’s products, luggage, small appliances, and so forth.

They provide two different kinds of Target Pallets, one of which is Premium General Merchandise and is available for purchase for $695 per pallet. Additionally, Overstock HPC (High Piece Count) will have 400–600 products per pallet with a range of retail prices. at a cost of $995 per unit. Excellent client service and fantastic liquidation pallets are offered. They rank among the best liquidation stores in Iowa as a result of this.

Address: 2840 University Ave, Waterloo, IA 50701, United States

Phone: +1 319-382-0726


Retail Rebel

Retail Rebel - Liquidation Pallets in Iowa

Retail Rebel is the place to go if you need an additional discount and want to buy more items while staying within your spending limit. They absolutely defy the customary retail rules due to their distinctive price structure. It is a “retail” business that is locally owned and run. A unique liquidation retailer with a dropping pricing strategy is Retail Rebel. The concept of the store is now available as a bin store. To give customers access to even more things at incredibly low costs, the company is also planning to establish a wholesale warehouse extension in a few particular locations.

They offer things including electronics, accessories, small appliances, home decor, and more while also offering exceptionally top-notch customer service. Any item is available for as little as $0.50 per item. That’s what makes them one of the best liquidation pallets in iowa.

Address: 1817 W Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA 51501, United States

Phone: +1 712-890-5080


Quality Control Liquidators

Quality Control Liquidators

Located in Davenport, Iowa, there is one of the best liquidation shops: Quality Control Liquidators. At this shop, you can access practically everything and their services are unlimited. Their primary area of expertise is buying brand-new goods directly from retailers as they liquidate their inventory. As a result, consumers can receive savings of up to 90% off the retail price. Its liquidation procedures have undergone a rigorous quality control assessment, as their titles suggest.

They offer shipping across the entire country and sell products in a wide range of categories, including beauty products, health care items, electronics, games, books, accessories, toys, furniture, and so forth. They offer the greatest liquidation pallets in iowa and excellent customer service.

Address: 1535 W 15th St, Davenport, IA 52804, United States

Phone: +1 563-265-1683


Big Lots

Big Lots - Liquidation Pallets in Iowa

Another liquidation store you can check out in Iowa is- Big Lots. It has more than 1,400 locations across 47 states. In addition, Big Lots runs a number of stores that focus on liquidation sales, where patrons can find a variety of goods at even bigger discounts. In addition to overstocking and returning goods from other merchants, these liquidation shops also sell products from manufacturers and wholesalers that have shut down operations.

The company offers a range of goods at costs that are much lower than those of conventional retail outlets, including furniture, home decor, consumables, toys, electronics, and more. Besides exceptional customer service, they provide wonderful liquidation pallets as well.

Address: 4365 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA 50310, United States

Phone: +1 515-331-2968


Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Another liquidation store where you may locate your preferred item at the greatest price, in addition to receiving the best customer service. Discount retailer Dollar Tree is active in Iowa and other states. Stores like Dollar Tree typically have a good selection of goods and charge reasonable pricing for them. Dollar Tree is a type of liquidation business that offers discounted prices on extra or excess merchandise from regular Dollar Tree locations.

These products could be seasonal goods, out-of-production goods, or just things that didn’t sell as well as predicted in the big-box stores. The best pallets in all of Iowa are their liquidation pallets. They offer a range of goods, all for $1 or less, including food, toys, household goods, and other things.

Address: 1646 1/2 Sycamore St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

Phone: +1 319-499-6029


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Continental Wholesale LLC

Continental Wholesale LLC - Liquidation Pallets in Iowa

Last but not least, if you haven’t visited this shop, it is a good idea to do so. One contact has been list for the company. Joel Orr from Hampton, Iowa, is the point of contact. One of the top Iowa liquidation stores is Continental Wholesale. It was established on January 19, 2005, as an Iowa Domestic Limited-Liability Company. From a warehouse in the Midwest, Continental Wholesale LLC ships pallets of goods. By the truckload to nonprofit, retail, and Ebay companies.

The business not only has one of the best selections of liquidation pallets, but also one of the best customer services. Store liquidations, shelf pulls, store closeouts, excess inventory, customer returns, salvage goods, surplus goods, and damaged boxes. And overstocked goods come in truckloads, half truck loads, and pallet loads.

Address: 1292 Olive Ave, Hampton, IA 50441, United States

Phone: +1 641-456-3165


National Product liquidators

A business that specializes in the liquidation of consumer products and excess inventory is called National Product Liquidators (NPL). The business purchases goods from retailers, producers, and distributors that are overstock, discontinue, or have been returned by customers. And then sells them to other companies, flea market vendors, and the general public.

NPL enables retailers and manufacturers to get rid of surplus inventory and create space for new products by buying goods in bulk and selling them at a discount. Electronics, household items, toys, and other items are all available at cheap costs from NPL. They are among the greatest liquidation pallets in iowa thanks to their excellent pricing, top-notch customer service, and wonderful clearance pallets.

Phone: +1 515-344-4899


Through collecting everything in any particular location when you go to a liquidation business. You might have a lot of extra time. This happens as a result of the wide selection of goods, items, and things that the liquidation merchants offer. You are allowed to empirically verify whatever you presume in a single place. Therefore, it is a ridiculous tactic to avoid spending time. It did this by hopping between towns in quest of utopian components.

Shopping at liquidation stores is an absurd master strategy to avoid crowds. These shops are far less busy than the typical ones. Although it’s obvious that buying goods from a business that offers liquidation offers a number of improbable advantages. These stores could be considered to be the best predictions for everyone. If you’re looking for a wonderful strategy to get amazing savings on high-quality products. This is the task that is easiest to complete.

Another point of contention is whether liquidation is good or bad. Because a company might benefit from it in some circumstances. To leave an unproductive situation and free up resources for buy liquidation evaluation that will be use more effectively. Liquidation, however, may have bad consequences in other situations, including as disruption, job loss, or other negative outcomes.

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