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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Kansas with Some Amazing Offers

Due to businesses’ ongoing upscaling or downsizing, the liquidation sector has seen tremendous growth in the US. Many people also sell their old possessions and move into new homes. In such conditions, Kansas City has seen an increase in liquidation stores. In Kansas City, these products and resources are liquidated utilizing carton loads, truckloads, or liquidation pallets. 

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Companies that handle wholesale liquidations handle products for businesses that are closing. Companies can raise money to pay off creditors by “liquidating,” or selling off, assets on a dedicated website, and also purchasers can discover some amazing offers.

These liquidated products are in high demand since they may be purchased for incredibly low prices. Customers can purchase goods from Kansas’s liquidation stores or warehouses at very reasonable prices as a result. Finding the finest liquidation pallet in Kansas can be challenging as there are many options.

Best Liquidation Stores in Kansas:

Big Lots

Big Lots - liquidation pallets kansas

Big Lots is a unique, outrageous discount retailer with more than 1,400 outlets in 47 states. Products from a variety of categories, including food, consumables, furniture & home décor, seasonal, soft home, hard home, electronics, and accessories, are available here. Every day, they promise to offer outstanding deals. 

This liquidation store in Kansas is a publicly traded business with yearly sales of over $5 billion that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Price, specials, styles, and also availability may differ from store to store and online. For instance, Big Lots might provide exclusive online-only promotional pricing. For in-store purchases, they accept cash, checks, money orders, gift cards, merchandise cards, gift certificates, EBT/SNAP (at certain stores), Visa, Mastercard, Big Lots Credit Card, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and Google Pay.

BIG Reward is a leading provider of client rewards programs. First of all, every purchase allows you to progress towards a Prize and is FREE! It is designed to reward our largest supporters, including both repeat buyers and heavy spenders on indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, and even beds (Furniture bonus ON TOP of your Reward!).

Address: 7408 Nieman Rd, Shawnee, KS 66203, United States

Phone: +1 913-631-4031


Retail Rebel

Retail Rebel

They are a retailer of overstock, refunds, and warehouse liquidations. This liquidation store in Kansas offers their Warehouse Winning stores a wide range of items, including electronics, furniture, clothing, and daily necessities. Additionally, this implies that they are unable to promise that they will be able to restock any of the products they sell. Use the My Retail Rebel app to scan QR codes and get that day’s prices. 

The retailers all receive their merchandise from various suppliers. The Warehouse Winning locations now carry new items with variable prices. Products in the Bargain Bins stores are both new and returned. The Auction will take place at a warehouse where they keep vast quantities of different goods, including retail, business, and also industrial goods.

Although they are testing stations in each of the Bargain Bins stores, they still advise inspecting the products before making a purchase because all purchases are final. Bring your item to an employee and they will be pleased to help you if you want to test something at one of their Warehouse Wins locations.

Address: 4301 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102, United States

Phone: +1 913-242-7910


LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators)

LL Flooring - liquidation pallets kansas

It’s time to love your flooring, according to This liquidation store in Kansas. Their flooring experts have over 500 floors that are both stylish and affordable, and they are prepared to assist you at every stage. Whether you choose waterproof vinyl or real hardwood, experts can help you complete your project successfully.

LL Flooring, formerly known as Lumber Liquidators, is the best option for your floors because of its more than 430 locations around the country and 28 years of industry knowledge. Finding the ideal floor has never been simpler because of their free flooring samples, which come in a variety of styles and price ranges. It is simple to find the ideal floor due to the hundreds of samples we provid

Address: 9800 Quivira Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215, United States

Phone: +1 913-254-9800


Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse

Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse

Unsealed Deals is an extreme discount retail warehouse where its customers can get quality name-brand products for 25–90% less than what they would pay at regular retail. This liquidation store in Kansas specializes in purchasing overstock products from the biggest manufacturers and merchants in the country in order to offer their clients a continuously changing selection of products at substantial savings. 

On electronics, household items, toys, sporting goods, furniture for indoor and outdoor use, and much more, you can anticipate finding incredible deals. Near Kansas City, Kansas, is where they have their headquarters. Unsealed Deals is one of the businesses in the area that is expanding the quickest.

Address: 5161 Merriam Dr, Shawnee, KS 66203, United States

Phone: +1 314-550-9264


The Treasure Bin

The Treasure Bin - liquidation stores in kansas

The best place to buy liquidated goods in Kansas is at Kansas Liquidation. One of the greatest aspects of your shopping experience is the bins at this liquidation store in Kansas. The bins will be completely replenished with fresh items every Friday. All items are from some of the biggest merchants in the country and can be whatever they sell. 99% of the clothing is brand new and comes from various sources. 

Nowhere else will you find fresh, unused clothing for less than $4 per item or $6 for $20. They have a lot of items on tables that are deeply inexpensive. Typically, 50% of retail costs. The customers can afford their prices very easily. Also, they satisfy their clients and close successful deals. As a result, they rank among Kansa’s top liquidation stores. The store constantly has a wide selection and offers fantastic deals. Customers line up to get a hold of one of the liquidation pallets in Kansas.

Address: 1430 N Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Phone: +1 785-341-3352


RJ’s Discount Sales Inc

RJ's Discount Sales Inc - liquidation pallets kansas

One of Kansas City’s most well-known liquidation shops is called RJ’s Discount Sales Inc. For the incredible deals and offers, people come to this store. They provide a range of goods, and they do it at a discount. Their inventory is replenished regularly and changes frequently. Thus, next to the warehouse, they built a 20,000-square-foot retail store two years ago.

This liquidation store in Kansas remains the same family-run business with the same family values after all these years, and it has always been in the same place. Three miles away from their current location, they recently opened a new, larger warehouse to add an additional 50,000 square feet of space. Every week, they replenish their stockpiles and add new branded products. In Kansas, they purchase pallets and box lots from all the well-known, large companies.

Address: 3737 SW South Park Ave, Topeka, KS 66606, United States

Phone: +1 785-267-7476


Kairos Wholesale Llc

Kairos Wholesale Llc - liquidation pallets kansas

They are a Kansas-based family business committed to providing its customers and the community with honest service. They consider their customers to be members of the Kairos family. Kairos Wholesale Llc cherish individuals who put their faith in them and also work to develop relationships that go beyond business. This liquidation pallets kansas is interested in the company’s prosperity. They don’t treat any client, no matter how big or small, differently. 

Kairos Wholesale Llc give every client their undivided attention. They provide more than just goods. They are aware that many of their clients are trying to stretch their budgets as far as possible. In order to help their clients get the most out of their investment, they provide support through our ideas, knowledge, and experience.

The goal of Kairos Wholesale is to create a business of the highest caliber. As they expand, they hope to discover new methods to benefit their communities more. As they develop, they hope to increase the number of non-profit organizations they sponsor globally. Their faith propels them in directions other than success. They strive to support those who are less fortunate and assist as many people as they can in discovering new paths to financial freedom in the face of a challenging environment.

Address: 1337 W Kansas Ave, McPherson, KS 67460, United States

Phone: +1 620-480-2679


Derrick’s DEALS Wichita Liquidation Merchandise Pallets

Derrick's DEALS Wichita Liquidation Merchandise Pallets - liquidation pallets kansas

Large merchants’ liquidated inventory is what makes up the pallets. These might be shelf pulls, excess inventory, out-of-season products, discontinued goods, damaged box goods, or client returns. All of these goods are typically mixed together in pallets. Electronics, home goods, toys, tools, fitness equipment, baby supplies, vacuums, small appliances, and also other items are frequently encountered. This liquidation pallets kansas is a legitimate small business in Wichita run by local veterans. 

For $50 for the first pallet and $25 for each subsequent pallet, they can deliver pallets throughout the Wichita region. By placing a purchase on their website, Mystery Boxes can be sent anywhere in the United States. In addition to cash, they also accept Venmo and also Cash App, but not Cash App debit cards.

There is always a chance that anything will be broken, have a part missing, or be damaged. They do not guarantee the condition of any items; all pallet sales are final. You can lose money buying a pallet because there are consumer returns involved. Either a pallet of brand-new stuff or a pallet of broken goods can be delivered to you.

Address: 1518 E Lewis St, Wichita, KS 67211, United States

Phone: +1 316-258-4292


Pennies for Gold

Pennies for Gold - liquidation pallets kansas

Kansas City is home to a sizable warehouse for liquidations owned by Retail Rebel. Their products are in high demand and sell quickly. In Kansas City, both pallets and box lots are sold. This explains why their store is always stocked with new goods. They are a small-town wholesaler and store that works to give its customers the greatest possible shopping experience. This liquidation store in Kansas have high-quality items and also very reasonable prices. Purchase items online and pick them up in their Raytown, Missouri, store. Pennies for Gold makes wholesale home buying a snap.

Want to increase the amount of money in your pocket? Use liquidation pallets kansas to increase your purchasing power and profitably resell the items. Learn how flipping pallets can increase your income by visiting their Liquidation Pallet page. Go back frequently to take advantage of the fantastic prices because pallet chances are constantly changing.

Address: 9700 E 56th St Building A, Raytown, MO 64133, United States

Phone: +1 816-272-5111


Anjie Warehouse

Anjie Warehouse- Return Center - liquidation pallets kansas

They are well aware that providing satisfied services to clients and working to expand Chinese e-commerce companies internationally are the cornerstones of Anjie’s ability to survive. Anjie Warehouse- Return Center offers top-notch localized logistics services for domestic e-commerce businesses, raising the bar for transnational operations, and gradually assisting clients in establishing businesses or brands with an eye on the global market.

This liquidation store in Kansas sincerely believes that the business is supported by the success of its clients, and meeting all of their demands is a core component of their brand promise. Customers’ needs will always come first, and they’ll keep providing services that go above and also beyond their expectations.

Address: 11100 W 82nd St #101st, Lenexa, KS 66214, United States

Phone: +1 816-405-8354



These are some of Kansas City’s top liquidation stores and companies. Some of the top products are available in their box lots, truckloads, wholesale units, and also liquidation pallets in kansas at competitive prices.

These services are reputable and very trustworthy. We sincerely hope this article is useful for the readers. Consider saving it for later use. Please feel free to leave a remark in the space below if you know of any excellent liquidation shops in Kansas City that we might have overlooked. Once you’ve read all the way to the end, we can assume that you are familiar with all there is to know about liquidation stores in Kansas.

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