Liquidation Stores in Michigan

10 Best Liquidation Stores in Michigan for Top Quality Pallets

Given the current economic climate with inflation causing rising costs, liquidation or discount stores are becoming more essential for shoppers. These liquidation pallets in Michigan offer a variety of branded and quality products at significantly reduced prices. These goods are subsequently taken by liquidation stores and sold to clients at steep discounts. Hence, if you want things that are virtually as good as new at a significant discount, liquidation pallets in Michigan is a great place to find them.

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The majority of the time, products have minor damage that prevents them from being sold. Businesses can suffer significant losses in these circumstances. They then sell their excess goods to liquidation stores without making a profit in order to prevent these losses. If you reside in Michigan or nearby areas and are interested in shopping at these stores, this article provides a detailed overview of some of the best locations to buy liquidation pallets in Michigan.

Best Liquidation Stores in Michigan:

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Supercentre - Liquidation Pallets Michigan

Walmart enables consumers to live more frugally and comfortably. By providing value and convenience to millions of customers in 19 non-American nations, Walmart International fulfills its promise to them.

These liquidation pallets in Michigan can establish connections that others cannot and bring to market solutions that make customers’ lives easier because of their distinctive global perspective. To complement their main companies, they are also establishing strategic alliances through equity investments.

The 210 distribution centers by Walmart serve as the heart of our company. Its distribution operation, which provides services to stores, clubs, and direct consumer delivery, is among the biggest in the world. 9,000 tractors, 80,000 trailers, and more than 11,000 drivers make up Walmart’s transportation fleet.

Address: 7555 Telegraph Rd, Taylor, MI 48180, United States

Phone: +1 313-292-3474


Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy has been a deliberate, values-based, and empathetic organization for more than 50 years. They are committed to providing excellent customer, employee, vendor, shareholder, and community service. They also understand that every one of their stakeholders counts on them to conduct themselves in a fully ethical manner. As a company, Best Buy thrives when it does well. Every day, in every choice. 

They are dedicated to ethical business conduct and a strong governance system. They want to make it simple for all customers to identify energy-efficient products, whether they are shopping online or in physical stores.

The tag that sits next to the appliance for approved products in this liquidation store bears the ENERGY STAR label. When an ENERGY STAR-certified product is an option, over half of our customers choose to buy it, and Best Buy has sold more than 56 million ENERGY STAR-certified products since 2017.

Address: 16221 Ford Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States

Phone: +1 313-240-6655


S & R Liquidation

S & R Liquidation - Liquidation Pallets Michigan

If you have been searching for a liquidation store in Michigan, you may have already heard of S & R Liquidation, which offers a broad range of liquidation merchandise in categories such as beauty, health, electronics, toys, and kids. If you want to see their selection for yourself, you can visit the S & R Liquidation store located at 42000 Hayes Rd, Clinton Twp, Michigan.

This liquidation store in Michigan is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Saturdays, and 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Keep in mind that the store is closed on Fridays. S & R Liquidation is a business that works in the retail sector. It has 6–10 employees and a $0–$1 million annual sales.

The business’s main office is in Clinton Township, Michigan. Some products, including perishable items (like food, flowers, or plants), bespoke products (such as special orders or personalized items), and personal care items, cannot be returned (such as beauty products). Moreover, we do not accept returns for flammable liquids, gases, or dangerous goods.

Address: 42000 Hayes Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48038, United States

Phone: +1 586-221-2631


Mavs Liquidation Center

Mavs Liquidation Center

Mavs Liquidation Center is next on this list of liquidation pallets in Michigan. If Mavs Liquidation Center is on your list, we advise you to look at its website at least once. We mention this since there are many resources available for aid on the website.

You can go there to receive a price for your requirements, get directions, get contact information, read reviews from previous clients, look through the gallery, and much more. Amazing discounts on products that are fresh and new are available here.

Address: 32959 Warren Rd, Westland, MI 48185, United States

Phone: +1 734-338-9000


Asset Logistics & Liquidations

Asset Logistics & Liquidations - Liquidation Pallets Michigan

Asset Logistics & Liquidation US is a great place for you whether you are one of the many small businesses, independent FBA, or eBay sellers out there. You can get a variety of high-quality goods here for incredibly low prices.

They provide pallets, truckloads, and high-value single pieces of goods and products for resale. And unlike other retailers, they are concerned with providing you with goods that add value.

They strive to assist small businesses, independent FBA or eBay sellers, and others in locating inexpensive goods with compounding value for resale. This liquidation store in Michigan can help whether you’re seeking individual products at a discount or regular truckloads for your business.

Address: 24401 Hoover Rd, Warren, MI 48089, United States

Phone: +1 313-338-9660


Grand Rapids Pallet Liquidations

Grand Rapids Pallet Liquidations

We are a family-run company. When you support this company, you directly assist the family. They want all customers to be happy with their purchases, therefore even though our products are sold “as is,” if you find that they are not functional, please get in touch with them, and they’ll make every effort to gratify you. They are a truckload liquidation of household goods like furniture and décor from well-known department stores. Before going straight to Grand Rapids’ store, we advise you to visit its website once. We say this since there are many different things that are for sale on the internet.

They offer a wide range of furniture including couches, chairs, tables, lights, bedding, artwork, and much more. Closeout merchandise, overstock goods, and a few small returns make up their inventory. People Helping People is their credo, and they work hard to live up to it. They provide a portion of each month’s profits to organizations that their clients care about!

Address: 3355 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, United States

Phone: +1 616-558-7854


Sams Club

Sam's Club - Liquidation Pallets Michigan

Sam’s Club is dedicated to being the membership you adore. They will achieve this by offering top-notch goods and services throughout the United States and Puerto Rico in bars, online, and via mobile devices.

Sam’s Club strives to offer its members the most beneficial membership possible. They have broadened their solutions to encompass families and everyday life in addition to entrepreneurs and small businesses because they are aware of the same shopping patterns of these two people. Around 600 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as Sam’s, serve millions of members. Brazil, China, and Mexico all host branches of Sam’s Club. 

Sam’s Club merchants do the legwork for their members by carrying the proper products and buying them in bulk, passing on the savings to our members, rather than stocking every item in every brand that is available.

Address: 22500 Eight Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48033, United States

Phone: +1 248-354-1108


LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators)

LL Flooring

Here is where your search should end if you’re seeking for liquidation store in Michigan, particularly those who deal with lumber products. With LL Flooring, all of your needs are met at one location, so you don’t need to look elsewhere. The first company that springs to mind when considering where to purchase liquidated timber goods is LL Flooring. For a variety of reasons, LL Flooring is the top provider of lumber goods out there.

One of the best aspects of this liquidation store in Michigan is you can contact specialists here if you have any questions, issues, etc. Professionals with training and experience from LL Flooring are available to assist clients at every stage, from installation to inspiration. 

Experts at LL Flooring think it’s time to fall in love with your floors. Their flooring experts are here to assist you at every stage of the process and have over 500 stylish and affordable floors.  Whether you choose waterproof vinyl or real hardwood, they can help you complete your project successfully. LL Flooring, formerly Lumber Liquidators, is the best option for your floors because of its more than 430 locations around the country and 28 years of industry knowledge.

Address: 35906 Groesbeck Hwy, Clinton Twp, MI 48035, United States

Phone: +1 586-863-0090


JustOne Liquidation Shop

JustOne Liquidation Shop

The JustOne Liquidation Shop is the next name on this list of liquidation stores in Michigan. Again, JustOne is a fantastic alternative you should think about if you want to buy the best liquidation goods at the cheapest pricing. You can choose from a wide range of overstock, wholesale, liquidation, and closeout items with JustOne. The best thing about the products is that they have tags and are only half as expensive as retail.

You can visit JustOne Liquidation Store, which is conveniently located at Fort St in Lincoln Park, Michigan. From Tuesday through Friday, any time between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. If JustOne is on your list of pallet liquidation Michigan, we advise you to subscribe to its newsletter. We advise you to visit the business’ website, subscribe to the newsletter, and even look through other relevant evidence.

Address: 3523 Fort St, Lincoln Park, MI 48146, United States

Phone: +1 313-879-7104


The Honey Bins Company

The Honey Bins Company - Liquidation Pallets Michigan

The Honey Bins Company comes next spot on the list of liquidation pallets in Michigan. It offers unique products from America’s biggest stores at discounts ranging from 70 to 90% off MSRP. Their goal is to offer their customers the greatest goods at the best price. You can get awesome things at astonishing pricing at Honey Bins.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the liquidation industry, they have developed their own routes to obtain the greatest merchandise from all major stores at the best price. All of The Honey Bins Company’s customers receive the greatest deals largely due to their distinctive store layout and pricing strategy.

Address: 36534 Plymouth Rd, Livonia, MI 48150, United States



These are the 10 best liquidation stores in Michigan. We have now reached the conclusion of our list of the “Best Liquidation Stores in Michigan.” We can ensure you it because we picked our top ten liquidation stores in Michigan after extensive research, analysis, and comparison. These liquidation stores in Michigan have been included to the list following careful assessment of several factors, including ratings, reviews, history, customer service, etc.

For products that you need on a daily basis but don’t want to spend a lot of money on, liquidation stores are fantastic places to shop. They are also fantastic for purchasing large, pricey products at their original costs.

Nowadays, there is a huge need for liquidation stores because of the growth of thrifting and second-hand goods. They hope that this information will assist you in finding the ideal store for you. Once you’ve read all the way to the end, we can assume that you are familiar with all there is to know about Michigan liquidation stores. It’s time for you to select your preferred local liquidation store from all of our suggestions based on your spending limit, requirements, and other preferences.

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