Liquidation Stores in Seattle

7 Best Liquidation Stores in Seattle: Buy Highest-Selling Items

Who does not wish to save loads of money and still have those branded products? Liquidation stores give you just the same. It is a unique business that is like a dream for every shopper. Not only do they offer cheaper prices but they also give you offers, discounts, freebies, and free deliveries. It is not over yet. The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty more reasons why one must prefer liquidation stores over branded shops. Let’s see. The value offered in liquidation pallets in Seattle is almost one-fourth or even less than the actual prices. Yes, that’s right.

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So, do these companies make losses? Absolutely, not. They have a tie-up with the store to clear all excess inventory at low prices. It attracts customers and they purchase the item. The quality is not compromised even for a bit because the item is directly sourced from the brand. It is just that it is overstocked. Also, you get a huge assortment of items. There are unimaginable choices for each customer. You will find everything in the amazon liquidation pallets in Seattle. Just be patient. 

Best Liquidation Stores in Seattle:

Big Lots

Big Lots - Liquidation pallets Seattle

Big Lots is a liquidation store in Seattle. Just like their name, they sell in big lots and satisfy all their customers. If you check, there are constant discounts and offers to go on the website. They stock everything right from home furniture to bed & bath, groceries, toys, clothes, and household essentials. Specifically, furniture is one of their highest-selling items. You can find furniture for all rooms- bedrooms, bathrooms, dining, patios, and even outside areas like gardens. 

They are doing extremely well in terms of expansion. The company is spread in 47 states with almost 1400 stores. It is also listed on the New York exchange. If you plan to visit one of their stores you can check the list on the website. One of the best parts is that whatever they have on their website is available in their offline stores as well. Being in the liquidation category they provide typical liquidation pallets in Seattle also.

Address: 14907 4th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166, US

Phone: +1 206-701-1357


LL Flooring

LL Flooring - Liquidation pallets Seattle

LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators) is yet another liquidation store that is present in many states. They have a 1 step working idea- first, they will look at your home and analyze everything. For this, you can book an online call anytime for free. If you like textures then they have vinyl, hardwood, hybrid, lamination, and tiles.

Or if you like species then you have options like- oak, acacia, hickory, birch, maple, cherry, pine, and walnut. You can also shop by color if you have something specific in mind. The options include red, gray, dark, blonde, light, and medium. 

There are plenty of designs, free samples, and try-yourself items in their catalog. You can also get knowledge about flooring and installations through blogs. Talking about their locations, there are more than 400 of those spread out. Over 25 years they have got the best reviews from customers. It is a worthy seattle liquidation store.

Address: 3300 1st Ave S Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134, US

Phone: +1 206-625-5200



HomeGoods - Liquidation pallets Seattle

HomeGoods is an amazon liquidation pallets Seattle seller. You can find a variety of items here. In the outdoor category, you can find furniture, pillow, cushions, plants and gardens, entertainment, decor items, and beach towels. The furniture and lighting category stocks up lamps, lights, storage furniture, seating, tables, and a lot more items.

Another huge selling category of HomeGoods is rugs. Here you get area rugs, accent rugs, runners, and door rugs. The Decor & Pillows category has items like mirrors, books, candles, decor objects, pillows, curtains, storage, organizers, etc. 

HomeGoods is a perfect place where you will find all types of products for homes. Another is the bed and Bath category which has towels, duvets, sheets, pillows, blankets, baskets, bins, and a lot more stuff. Apart from these, there are many more categories like pets and idea shops. The clearance sale provides items at cheaper prices than usual.

Address: 1500 W Armory Way, Seattle, WA 98119, US

Phone: +1 206-378-5873


Cheaper by the Day

Cheaper by the Day - Liquidation pallets Seattle

Cheaper by the Day  is an amazon liquidation pallets in Seattle. It is probably the only wholesale store which provides more and more discounts every day. The inventory of this store gets finished as quickly as it is replenished. Every day of the week they have a certain discount. Sometimes they sell every item at a particular price. The sales go up to 50% too. Keep yourself updated with their offers to get the best price and maximize your savings. 

So you have 6 days to make the most of this Lynwood-based wholesale liquidation store. Their Facebook page is always updated with new photos, recommendations, and offers for people. The store is located in a nice crowded area near a shopping mall. Cheaper by the Day is a great liquidation place with loaded stores and an excellent website.

Address: 19800 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, US

Phone: +1 425-921-6151


Discount Direct

Discount Direct

Discount Direct is one of those liquidation stores which has the best and classiest furniture at cheap prices. Their store is located in Bellevue, Tukwila, Federal Way, Lakewood, and Puyallup. There are four reasons why Discount Direct is the best. First is that the factory directly supplies them with products so the prices are cheaper. The second is easy payment options. Everything is easily affordable and people can pay conveniently.

Third is the delivery time. The delivery takes no time. Therefore, it is quick and products come home safely. Along with delivery full after-sale services are offered like installations and setup. Lastly, the fourth one is happiness. 

It means that if customers are not satisfied they can return the products within the specified time frame. The product categories include furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining, mattresses, kids and teens, and accessories. Being the last on the list it is a must-visit store because of the quality and prices.

Address: 375 Corporate Dr S, Tukwila, WA 98188, US

Phone: +1 425-988-6045


Ballard Goodwill

Ballard Goodwill

Ballard Goodwill is another amazon liquidation store in Seattle which is basically a non-profit organization. Since 1923 it has offered services. Right now they have over 24 Ballard stores. Moreover, they have a team of over 1500 people. They have a very unique calendar on the website which displays all the offers, events, and promotions ongoing and about to happen in the future. There are lots of donation centers of Ballard Goodwill and people are volunteering to do work with them. 

They also send text messages about the offers to remind people. You can subscribe to this service on the website. Ballard Goodwill has a special tagging system to segregate the items. You will find some top brands like Levis’s, Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, New Balance, and a lot more. Denim is one of the selling items on the online website. Apart from these brands they also stock liquidation pallets, books, media, toys, and a lot more.

Address: 6400 8th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, US

Phone: +1 206-957-5544




Conesco is in Seattle as well. Since 1986, this company has been in the material handling business. Not only is it the leader but also the best in this business. It is a family business and has multiple warehouses for operations. They sell pallet rackings.

There are multiple liquidation warehouses from where you can purchase used items. You can also buy warehouse services from them. Conesco has its presence in multiple locations like Washington, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and Utah. Various big and small items are present in their inventory. 

The Mezzanine is one such item. It is specifically used for floor levels. Storage lockers are another one of their products. These types of heavy products are usually purchased by the wholesalers and retailers or companies which are in this business. Apart from these two other products are stack racks, carousels, wire decking, cantilever racking, and shelving. You can try Conesco if you need heavy items.

Phone: +1 303-690-9591


Just so you know, liquidation stores are now a big part of the whole supply and distribution chain. Hence, there are ample benefits to buying in a liquidation sale. Not only is it easy but also budget-friendly. People look for alternate options to save money. If you do not wish to compromise then liquidation stores are meant for you. Sometimes it can be time taking to find the right thing in the lot. But from the price point, it is worth it. Every person has a different preference. Some choose quality over price while others want less costly products. It can be difficult to achieve both at the same time. 

Countries like the US, Canada, Russia, China, and others have a nice way of using liquidation stores to make people happy. This industry has become huge now. Some Liquidation pallets in Seattle are listed above for your convenience. Try them and decide if they suit your needs. Few of these have a return policy as well. So, if the product is not to your liking you can return it. Share them with your family and friends and plan a shopping spree.

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