Liquidation Stores in Hamilton

7 Best & Most Profitable Liquidation Stores in Hamilton (2023)

If you are planning to open a retail store then think twice. There are more advantages to a wholesale store than a retail store. The concept of liquidation stores is very simple. They take company stock and sell it in pallets and bulk to single consumers and groups. This concept is popular in many countries. Big machines and heavy equipment take up a lot of space. Small retailers cannot sell them because of space issues. Therefore, big liquidation stores keep a handful of such machines for selling. The whole supply chain is designed in a way that an overstock of companies is sold to liquidation stores who then sell them to retailers. Ultimately, retailers sell them to people. There are some huge benefits to choosing liquidation stores in Hamilton.

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The main one is the price. Brands like Zara, Gucci, and many more have such high prices that it is impossible to buy their products in season. Now, what if you get the same product in a liquidation store at 50% less price? You are definitely going to buy it. In addition, this is just a simple example. There are an end number of products and heavy items for you. Here are some liquidation stores in Hamilton that you can try.

Best Liquidation Stores in Hamilton:

Krazy Binz – Barrie

Krazy Binz - liquidation stores hamilton

Krazy Binz is a liquidation stores in hamilton and also a bin discount store. This store is famous for its discounts. They have a rule to lower the prices each day until the last day of the week. There is also an upper limit beyond which the prices will not exceed. It is called a bin. In this bin there will be lots of items. There can be vacuum cleaners or gaming consoles, tools or home goods. It all depends on your luck. Every week on Thursday a restocking process is done. 

The restocking is done on Friday and Saturday as well. Here you can bargain, hunt and enjoy the whole experience. Krazy Binz is located in many places like Hamilton, London, Winnipeg and almost 9 more places. You can check the prices day-wise on their website. On restock days the prices can be more but still they are very reasonable as compared to other liquidation stores.

Address: 353 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M 3C3, Canada

Phone: +1 905-650-4482


Walmart Supercentre

Walmart Supercentre - liquidation stores hamilton

Who hasn’t heard of Walmart Supercentre? It has over 400 stores globally. Quality is one the most highlighted features of Walmart. It has been almost 50 years since Walmart started its business. More than 10,000 plus people are employed here. This store has the best Liquidation pallets in hamilton. Over 10 million people visit the website. It is a Canadian business. There is not a single thing that is not available here. Outdoor furniture, grocery, electronics, toys, baby items, beauty products, clothes, health, pets, pantry and every single item is available. 

You can shop on their website or visit their offline warehouses. The warehouses are so aesthetic and give a nice family shopping vibe. You can also get fresh fruits and vegetables on Walmart. Not just a liquidation store it is a lot more than that. There is an editor’s section where you can get shopping tips. So, this liquidation store has to be the top choice for everyone.

Address: 1115 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8H 2V2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-548-6680


Liquidation Nation

Liquidation Nation

Two brothers from Ontario, Canada started this Liquidation store in 2009. The store Liquidation Nation first opened in Dunlop. Then it opened in two more locations. There are lots of reasons why this store is a great choice. They have multiple items in each of their collections like appliances, baby & kids, toys, camera, fashion, home, outdoor and beauty. You can find many big machines and equipment at a very low price here. 

Many times in a month, Liquidation Nation sells lots of small and big sizes. These lots are called salvage lots and they are sold at a very cheap price. You can keep an eye on their website to know which product is available in their lot. They have a presence on eBay and Amazon as well. Customers buy from them through their websites and other platforms as well. You can check the rating and comments before buying the first time.

Address: 86 Brock St, Barrie, ON L4N 7B6, Canada

Phone: +1 705-726-9953


Factory Direct

Factory Direct - liquidation stores hamilton

Factory DirectFactory Direct is a Canadian liquidation store which began in 1995. This store is one of the most famous privately discounted stores in Canada. For more than 27 years they have sold all sorts of products to people and established a great name in the liquidation market for themselves. Customers get the opportunity to save around 75-80% each day. Here you can find furniture, vacuum cleaners, AC, washing machines and what not. Basically, size will not be a hindrance at Factory Direct. All big and small equipment are available here. 


Most stores don’t keep big machines and household appliances because they are huge and do not fit well in their premises. Also, their delivery can be a tedious task. By looking on their website you can find all types of electronic appliances and mobile phones as well. Factory Direct is the ultimate store for types of household needs.

Address: 1151 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3B2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-574-6655


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Core Liquidations – Wholesale

Core Liquidations - Wholesale

Core Liquidations is a different kind of liquidation store. It sells products like every other liquidation business but in a case. In a case means that in packets and boxes. This way all the customers will get what they are looking for and at an affordable rate. It also means that if you miss something in a single case you will find it in the next case when they restock. Not only do they sell to customers but also to dollar stores, eBay, flea markets, auction places and fundraisers. 

They have such a huge experience in wholesale that their individual customers get the most benefit. Some products in the inventory change quicker than usual. They buy overstock supplies and merches from everywhere. If you are a business owner and have some overstocked goods then you can also approach them to sell it.

Address: 837 Penetanguishene Rd, Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8, Canada

Phone: +1 705-999-7240


From The Six Liquidators

From The Six Liquidators

Last in this list is From The Six Liquidators. It is one of those stores which even stocks hair pins. Rather than focussing only on the big stuff they have smaller items also. A small rice cake, a hairpin, peanut butter, they have it all. On the website a special mystery bag is present. It can contain anything. It’s more like a special surprise where you can get the best items from their stock. 

Another huge selling inventory is of jewelry. Pendants, earrings, necklaces, chains and charms are some of the most selling items. Just like Walmart is for big supplies and heavy stuff. This store is designed for all the small and cute stuff. You can sort items based on the delivery time, price, size, deals and availability. It totally depends on you.

Address: 21 Commerce Park Dr Unit B2, Barrie, ON L4N 8X1, Canada

Phone: +1 705-905-2709


Larry The Liquidator

Larry The Liquidator - liquidation stores hamilton

Larry The Liquidator is another amazing liquidation store that is present in 4 locations that are Scarborough, Bradford, Innisfil and Jenka. Many liquidation stores do not have a refund policy. But here in Larry The Liquidator a special 7-day refund policy is present. As usual the basics of returns and refunds are the same i.e. unused, with tags, within the timeline etc. The website offers two options. One is for the buyers to purchase goods from them and the other one is for the sellers to sell. It means they accept goods from big and small companies as well. 

On the website, you will see a special Jenka’s page. That is where everything is present. Right from bedding, food, toys, festivals etc you can find a great deal of stuff. The store is based in Canada and it gives its customers the chance to save almost 80% on the actual cost.


If we think from a business point of view then also liquidation stores are much more profitable for us than normal retail stores. Starting a retail business can be tough because of high input and fewer profits. But with a liquidation store, you can climb the profit and brand ladder faster. Here the risk element is very low and it is obvious that people will buy from you because the prices are less. From a customer perspective, these hamilton liquidation stores are definitely worth every single penny you spend. Variety, prices, offers, discounts they have everything. 

Shop online or offline it is totally your choice. But the price differentiation is zero. Those who feel the offline stores are far away can prefer online ones. You will never ever have the risk of going over budget if you shop from these stores. In case you do, all the extra things you got will be worth it. So, plan a trip with your husband and kids and get all the basic supplies for your home and toys for your kids. And with the money you have left, you can get a nice dinner and make this shopping spree a big success.

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