Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

10 Best Places to Buy Wholesale Liquidation Pallets in 2023

Liquidation wholesale pallets are the finest approach to find the most affordable, high-quality goods. It can be quite profitable to buy liquidation and return pallets if you’re a retailer or run an online store. Any authorized liquidation wholesaler is where you can purchase a liquidation pallet.

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You won’t interact directly with large corporations the majority of the time. Instead, a few well-known liquidation wholesalers purchase from these massive shops and then sell it to liquidation retailers. Find a reputable distributor that specializes in liquidations and is licenced to sell pallets from eminent businesses like Amazon. To point you in the correct path, we have created a list of the same.

Places that Provide Liquidation Pallets

Any liquidation wholesaler will sell you a liquidation pallet, which is a  wholesale item. Typically, a pallet is made up of a variety of goods from several companies that fall under the same general category. Here are a few locations you can go to if you’re just starting your business and need wholesale liquidation pallets but are unsure of where to proceed-


BlueLots - Wholesale liquidation pallets

A B2B marketplace called BlueLots connects people who want to start small businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs with suppliers of wholesale liquidation goods so that they can get some additional income. BlueLots marketplace is where some of the biggest retailers in the world, as well as wholesale and closeout suppliers, sell their excess stock. Their mission is to make it simple for individuals to launch and expand their start-ups by giving them access to outstanding software, amazing inventory, and first-rate customer service.

BlueLots is backed by some of the greatest investors in the world. In addition, BlueLots purchases goods from some of the biggest wholesalers, merchants, and closeout suppliers in the globe. The wholesale liquidation pallets you see here will therefore always be authentic and of great quality.



Quicklotz is distinct from other businesses. They have been in operation for the last ten years and enjoy a fairly unrivalled reputation in the industry. They have executed more than a million orders globally during the past ten years.

The shipping costs are affordable and the auctions start off at extremely cheap prices. Therefore, you can get a quality consignment for a reasonable cost. And obviously, visiting the store and picking it up yourself is always free. They have served more than a hundred thousand clients globally with excellent liquidation products and services. The majority of Quicklotz’s customers are from the USA, and the company also has consumers in more than 120 other nations around the globe.

Quicklotz is the finest if you want to find the best wholesale liquidation lots that enable you to generate significant earnings. There aren’t many options out there that are better than Quicklotz. We say this since they have already helped thousands of their clients earn sizable profits over the years.

The fact that Quicklotz has direct relationships with major manufacturers, retailers, brands, and other entities around the world makes it one of the greatest locations to shop. As a result, they have the best inventory and supply of liquidation goods.

MidTenn Wholesale

MidTenn Wholesale - Wholesale liquidation pallets

The MidTenn Wholesale is a reverse logistics business that specializes in buying overstock products from big-box stores and selling them to clients at steep discounts. Pallets, smaller lots, and truckload orders in high volume are MidTenn Wholesale’s area of expertise. There are several factors that make MidTenn Wholesale a far better choice than the majority of other businesses out there.

First off, they never choose the best products and sell them to customers directly. They ensure that they exclusively sell to retailers and assist them in realizing enormous profits.

Second, they give merchants the choice to inform them of the products they are seeking. Then MidTenn makes sure they can deliver exactly the same goods in accordance with the requirements.

Thirdly, they are highly renowned for their completely accurate manifests and for offering a full refund or credit guarantee.

In addition, Midtenn Wholesale is not interested in boosting its own profits, unlike the majority of wholesale liquidation businesses out there. Instead, they favor expansion alongside its clients. MidTenn Wholesale is of the opinion that they will prosper and be successful if its clients are successful.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AMLINC)

American Merchandise Liquidators

American Merchandise Liquidators is a wholesale supplier of merchandise from reputable department stores, manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers. They were established in 1992 and provide a wide range of basic goods and clothes in truckload and pallet quantities at costs that are below wholesale. One of the biggest inventories in the industry belongs to them.

Additional advantages or characteristics of purchasing goods from AMLINC include nationwide shipping, financing options, you can pick from a variety of categories of liquidation wholesale pallets at AMLINC.

You’re in luck if you work in the liquidation industry because AMLINC offers a support manual to all the resellers and retailers out there. There is a lot of helpful and important information in the manual that is provided. You can depend on it to increase your understanding of how to purchase and sell your liquidation goods.

They promise precise ship dates and immediate delivery to you. To analyze your excess inventory and help you select precisely what you need to buy to grow your business, you can register on their website.


Bulq - Wholesale liquidation pallets

Regardless of your budget or needs for your liquidation firm, Bulq is one of the few locations you may visit without hesitation. Some of Bulq’s retail partners include Groupon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others.

As a result, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll only receive name-brand items of the highest quality. You can pick from a variety of categories here. The subcategories include general merchandise, consumer electronics, fashion & accessories, toys & baby, home & garden, computer & office, etc.

At bulq, you may find pallets not only by category but also by condition and lot size. When it comes to finding wholesale liquidation pallets, Bulq continues to be the top choice for thousands of resellers and merchants throughout the world. This is due to the complete transparency that Bulq maintains with its users. Bulq provides accurate pricing information, condition details, photographs, and boxed packing for wholesale liquidation merchandise.

B Stock

B Stock

When it comes to finding the best market-available liquidation goods, B Stock is likewise unmatched. You can count on B Stock regardless of whether you run a small or large retail business.

When you can purchase goods at a place from the top retailers in the world, that place is unquestionably real, legitimate, and reliable. Well, B Stock is a perfect example of this. In addition, no middlemen are involved in the whole process of buying and selling. This enables you to purchase products directly from merchants through that merchants’ official liquidation marketplaces. Transparency is made possible by buying directly from the manufacturer.

A specialized customer service staff and education centre are also available at B Tock. You can make the most of this service to clear up any questions or issues you may have and, most significantly, to expand your business.

Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators - Wholesale liquidation pallets

As one of the biggest pallet liquidators in the country, Merchandize Liquidators specialize inappropriately packaging goods for the kind. Large objects are stacked on skids that are roughly 6 feet tall, such as gym equipment or furniture. For safe transportation, smaller products are placed in Gaylords that are 42 inches tall. Merchandize Liquidators are well-known for their wholesale pallet sales, which is the cornerstone of the liquidation industry.

Merchandize Liquidators is superior to other locations because you can get pallets here at some of the most affordable costs. To ensure that resellers or retailers get to earn good profits, the pricing of the pallets are kept very low.

As a result, you may continue to sell the goods at rates that your customers will regard to be fair and acceptable. Additionally, because liquidation wholesale pallets are quite inexpensive, you can even sample pallets from each category one at a time. You can find the ideal pallet for your company with this method.

Via Trading

Via Trading

Via Trading specializes in offering customers cases, pallets, or truckloads of liquidated goods from well-known companies at steep discounts. In addition to this, Via Trading excels at providing customized services to its customers. It is also well-known for assisting clients in the reselling or retail business and assisting them in generating greater earnings. You should definitely go directly here if you want to get heavily reduced wholesale liquidation lots.

Via Trading serves the needs of more than 42,000 individuals and corporations for liquidation. Additionally, Via Trading has shipped to more than 129 countries and completed over three hundred thousand transactions. There was almost $8 billion worth of retail value liquidated. If you want to shop at Via Trading, you can either go to their warehouse in person or shop online from their website.


You can purchase liquidated goods at by lots size. There are three alternatives available to you: truckload, pallets, and parcels. If talking about pallets, you can choose from a variety of product categories. The categories include general products, tools & machinery, consumer electronics, houseware & lighting, apparel & accessories, computers & networking, etc.

You can find a variety of brand-name or large retailer liquidated goods here. Amazon, Lowe’s, Titan, Almo, Wayfair, Home Depot, Sony, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hanes Brands Ferguson, Dyson, Magic Chef, Ryobi, Dewalt, and a long list of other companies are among them.

To get started, we advise you to first visit their website, review all the pertinent information, and then register yourself. has warehouses spread throughout several states in the US., so you can search for these places and even go there.

GENCO Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace - Wholesale liquidation pallets

One of the largest markets for liquidated products is GENCO. We say this because they have a track record of selling goods worth more than $2.5 billion yearly. Because of this, they are trusted by tens of thousands of wholesalers, discount merchants, internet retailers, flea market vendors, and other business owners worldwide for their pallet requirements. You can purchase pallets of products in liquidation at GENCO Marketplace, directly from top retailers, and at discounts ranging from 60% to 80%.

Most of the pallets that are available for purchase are retail returns from well-known stores like The Home Depot. The items are arranged here into a variety of well-liked categories. Therefore, GENCO is among the most trustable sources. There is also very little risk associated in purchasing pallets at GENCO Marketplace. This is a result of the majority of available parcels being fully manifested.


Finding the best place where you can purchase wholesale liquidation pallets might be challenging. Therefore, this article contains the names of sites where you can get what you want for a reasonable price. There are many locations where you may buy wholesale pallets, but not all of them are trustworthy companies.

Just make sure to be cautious when buying your goods and confirm the legitimacy of the pallet vendors. Finding a trustworthy liquidation pallet wholesaler who can assist you in getting started without having a large budget is the first step. Ensure they can give you reliable contact information; otherwise, they might try to fraud you. You can always visit their website for further details if you are interested.

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